Monday, 4 June 2007

Armenia Gay Guide

country overview, useful info, gay institutions and venues

based on Spartacus International Gay Guide

[with additions]

Spartacus guide is the most famous and popular gay guide worldwide. The fact that Armenia entered the guide is the recognition of emerging gay scene. It may attract more gay tourists to Armenia.

Armenia Gay Guide which I compiled and published today in my blog Unzipped: Gay Armenia is mainly based on Spartacus, with the additional info from other sources if available and appropriate, and my occasional remarks. I am not aware of other comprehensive and current (well, to the extent possible) gay guide for Armenia. I hope, in time, this guide will evolve including more information on gay life in Armenia, with more venues, gay and gay-friendly, and not only for Yerevan as in current guide, similar to those available in other countries.

However, there is still long way for Armenia to go in terms of gay rights and equality. Education and exposure, along with the progress in democracy, will be key factors in changing attitudes of society. My wish is to see Armenia transformed into a country where equality and human rights of all people, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, are protected and respected.

Unfortunately, at this stage, this guide is only available in English. It will be great to see it translated into Armenian, Russian, French and other languages to make it more accessible for people who live in Armenia or other non-English speaking countries. Any help in this will be much appreciated.

I will regularly update this guide as/when new info is available. For convenience, the link to this guide is provided on the main page of my blog Unzipped: Gay Armenia (see upper right corner).

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