Thursday, 21 June 2007

'Live art' behind the windows

or this is one of the reasons why I love London

I was walking down the road, it was pretty much routine walk, actually I am wrong - nothing can be too 'routine' in London. For no reason I turned around and noticed... behind the big street-side windows of the building there was 'live art' exhibition going on. And it did not matter whether I liked it or not, whether I understood it or not... it was unexpected, never boring, creative in its own way, a small reflection of life in this exciting city in otherwise unexceptional Thursday evening.

This reminded me the following piece from Channel4 TV:

Live Art

You're walking down the road when you see a bundle of rags and boxes dumped on the pavement. Then you notice an arm sticking out of it. Do you:

  • hurry on by?
  • call 999?
  • kick the arm and giggle?

Now you can take a bow: you have just been part of Tom Geoghegan's performance artwork Rubbish. Geoghegan performs around London in a number of sinister guises, holding a steady pose for hours at a time. He may suspend himself from the side of a tower block or hang from a tree.

Live art, aka performance art, tends to involve the unexpected. Other than that it's hard to define. It may have elements in common with performance arts such as experimental drama or dance, but it moves beyond the conventions and usual boundaries of these other genres.

More info about live art here

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