Friday, 10 August 2007

Arts review London: Warhol vs Banksy

If you happened to be in London, the coolest weekend opening is Warhol vs Banksy exhibition at intimate The Hospital venue in London Covent Garden. I was there today and enjoyed it in full. Highly recommend it. I never thought or realised before that Andy Warhol has had such an influence on Banksy, so this exhibit was quite a revelation for me.

Here is just one example: Kate Moss (2005) by Banksy vs. Merilyn (1967) by Warhol:

There are more and better works by both artists at The Hospital; the exhibition is from 10th of August until 1st of September.

I’ve seen many of Andy Warhol’s works, but Double Exposure self-portrait was a discovery for me today - it's just fantastic, really, really. I wish I could buy at least a poster of it but nothing was on sale.

From The Hospital press release:

“A face to face show of classic drawings and paintings by Andy Warhol set against the infamous graffiti work of Banksy. The Hospital Gallery is delighted to present Warhol Vs Banksy; the first exhibition anywhere by the world’s two hottest artists today. Campbell’s or Tesco? Grace Kelly, Muhammad Ali, Winston Churchill, Mick Jagger, Queen Elizabeth, The Beatles, Smiley Man police statue, Andy Warhol himself and others make for a potent cocktail of celebrity, satire and voyeurism. Upon contact opposing pictures are explosive for their contrast, even of the same subject.”

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