Thursday, 16 August 2007

Hunk Putin? - No, thank you!

He made world headlines again, not for his actions or policy, but for his body. In an attempt to ammend his image with 'sexy macho' touch, he shows off his judo trained physique. In short, Putin goes fishing and strips off.

But the most hilarious picture with excellent Spiegel commentary is this one:

"Here Putin appears to be auditioning for a part in a Village People tribute show. We know the 80s are back, Vlads, but can a world leader really pull off fingerless leather gloves? And why the shrubbery in the belt?"

In case you can't get enough of these pictures, there are more here

*source of pictures: Reuters and DPA


Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! I am not sure, though, whether that's the intended effect. ;-)

Anonymous said...

i also thought of Brokeback Mountain...:)

artmika said...

Hahaha! - well spotted Rhiannon, that's so true :) oh, that 'fishing trips'... and you know who he went fishing with (he is in other pictures) - Monaco's Prince Albert II... what a spoiler! Bring me back Heath and Jack ;)

Anonymous said...

Just read your comment - ha ha, Prince Albert!!!! that proves it then! :)