Saturday, 13 October 2007

SOAD’s “Screamers” at front-line of Armenian Genocide recognition campaign

Carla Garapedian, the granddaughter of [genocide] survivors and a Los Angeles native, is scheduled to travel to Washington next week to screen her new documentary about the genocide, "Screamers," for members of Congress. Earlier this year she was summoned for a private screening of the film, which features Armenian Los Angeles rockers System of a Down, with David and Victoria Beckham in Beverly Hills.

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Genocide: Why It Matters

CBS News reported Wednesday on a documentary called Screamers which follows the Grammy-award winning band System of a Down in its campaign to raise awareness of the Armenian Genocide.

Serj Tankian, lead singer of System of a Down told CBS about how his grandfather's father and uncles were taken away to labor camps and never seen again. "We're all lucky to be here," he said of the band. "We all know the truth of what it means to feel genocide on your skin. ... It makes it easier for us to empathize with other injustice around the world."

A video from CBS's Early Show with Serj Tankian, broadcast on October 10, 2007, is available here

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According to the European Armenian Federation , the film “Screamers”, co-produced by BBC, is to be screened also in European Parliament. This event will be a tribute to Hrant Drink, Armenian journalist in Turkey, who in January 2007 was assassinated in Istanbul because he advocated for his country’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

The European Armenian Federation announced that 29 countries will be represented in the Second Convention of European Armenians to be held in European Parliament, Brussels, 15-16 October 2007.


Anonymous said...

well, i wish they would actually show Screamers HERE somewhere other than on BBC4 where i wasn't able to watch it as i don't have digital tv...:( can't even get the DVD anywhere....

tiramisù said...

I don't think Congressmen will learn anything new from the movie "Screamers". But yes it might make them feel uncomfortable. I wonder how many of them will actually watch it.

artmika said...

soon, very soon, we'll find out...