Friday, 22 February 2008

Students under target

Many students in Yerevan decided to follow yesterday’s rally appeal to boycott classes and join the rally in Liberty sq. However, according to Radio Liberty afternoon broadcast, since early morning there is a visible police presence in/around main university campuses in Yerevan. According to radio reports, in many university campuses police does not allow students to leave the building, even during breaks. Several students were taken to police station, but will probably be released on administrative charges. There was a report of at least one incident of police dispersing students’ march to Liberty sq, without physical means. Despite all these obstacles, hundreds of students joined the rally in Liberty sq today.

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artmika said...

A1+ reports now that police released all detained students. Detained were 2 students from the Yerevan State Medical University.

Zaruhi Bostanjyan, MP from opposition Heritage party, was at police station to assist students.