Sunday, 13 April 2008

Petition calling Armenian Parliament to repeal the changes of the 'law on rallies'

I mentioned earlier that I kind of lost my faith in petitions. I think they could be potentially effective if there is similar to the UK system when government responds to all petitions submitted. However, I support civil intiatives aimed at democracy and human rights in Armenia.

Below is a call to sign a petition in relation to recent amendements approved by Armenian parliament to restrict the freedom of rallies:

On April 15-16 Members of Parliament of Republic of Armenia together with international experts will be discussing the changes of the law "On conducting meetings, assemblies, rallies and demonstrations" introduced on March 17 of 2008.

If you are a citizen of Armenia who considers these changes as severe limitations imposed on the freedom of assemblies that need to be immediately repealed, you are welcome to sign the petition calling Armenian parliament to do so at


artmika said...

I am glad that this petition has more practical implications.

As far as I understand, Zaruhi Postandjyan, MP from opposition Heritage party, presented internet signatures (along with others collected) to the experts from the Venice Commission, European human rights watchdog looking at correspondence of Armenian legislature with the European norms. Experts from the Venice Commission are very critical of mentioned amendments and made relevant recommendations to rectify the situation. They are currently in talks with Armenian MPs in Yerevan.

artmika said...


Armenian parliament on Wednesday completed discussions with experts from the Venice Commission and the OSCE/ODIHR over Armenia’s recently amended law on assemblies. The discussions ended in a signed memorandum and the draft of amendments is due to be sent for European expertise until April 25.

“There are four proposals on all of which we have had full agreement regarding further steps,” Torosian [speaker of the parliament] said, adding that after findings from the Commission changes are likely to be moved into the law.