Sunday, 11 May 2008

It’s “coming of age” for Armenian blogging

Onnik Krikorian, Caucasus editor at Global Voices Online, posted analysis on evolution of Armenian blogging which reached the point of “coming of age” following the recent political stand-off and media blackout in Armenia. Highly recommend it!

Only few months ago, practically no one in Armenia was aware of blogs or blogging, including media representatives. Now blogs/blogging/bloggers became the It topic with various reports in Armenian online and printed media, as well as radio, dedicated to them.

Future media professionals in Yerevan also turn their attention to blogging by writing their final thesis on blogging phenomenon.

Full post is availabe here: Armenia: Blogging Comes of Age

My blogs Unzipped and Unzipped: Gay Armenia also mentioned there:

“One blogger from Armenia now living and working in the United Kingdom had already set a precedent for blogs covering issues that were not reported elsewhere with his Unzipped: Gay Armenia site. The blogger applied the same level of professionalism, albeit in support of the former president, on his other blog, Unzipped.”


Onnik Krikorian said...

In retrospective, I regret the use of the word "biased" because it has a negative connotation which I don't think it applies to your blog because you can also be objective and rational even if openly pro-opposition.

Gonna change it to "slanted" or "supportive" or something. Just to clarify why the original text will now change as it doesn't sit quite right to me. You have your opinion which you express, but I don't believe it is "propaganda" in the negative sense of the word.

artmika said...

Thanks for your opinion, Onnik! I will change here accordingly.

And thanks for your great work in promoting blogging in Armenia and South Caucasus!

Anonymous said...

the phrase "The blogger applied the same level of professionalism, albeit in support of the former president, on his other blog, Unzipped.”
tells a lot about what an incredibly biased auhtor that blogger himself is, and the degree to which his attitude towards Levon Ter-Petrossian dominates everything else he does.

This is even more depressing given
teh fact that he's probably the most talented photojournalist in today's Armenia.
I admire his talent and it's a shame that his anti-Levon bias prevents him from becoming a trustworthy source of information
(like for ex. your blog or
Yet his great photos tell the story that he as a blogger is pretending not to notice.

Movses Karagyozyan
Los Angeles

artmika said...

Movses, I certainly agree with you that Onnik is one of Armenia’s most talented photojournalists, I would also add bloggers. Moreover, despite Onnik’s critical opinion towards Levon Ter-Petrosyan which he is perfectly entitled to have, if you follow his blog or Global Voices Online, he always provides various links from a variety of political views, from pro-government to pro-opposition and in the middle, the whole range of it. Onnik’s blog is one of the most valuable sources of information and analysis in Armenian blogosphere. Also, as I mentioned above, he does an incredible work in publicising and promoting Armenian blogosphere with its variety of opinions.

That’s very briefly what I wanted to say on this matter. However, I would ask everyone not to discuss my fellow bloggers here. It is not acceptable for me for ethical reasons. Thanks for understanding and thanks for reading my blog.