Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Meetings on Armenian Genocide in London

Organised by Armenian Solidarity with the Victims of All Genocides; Centre of Halabja against the Anfalization of Kurdish People (C.H.A.K.); Nor Serount Cultural Association; Seyfo Centre

"Evidence from Kurdish sources on the 1915 Genocide"

On Tuesday, 8th July at 2.00 p.m.

in Room P of Portcullis House (which houses the offices of Members of Parliament); Portcullis House is on Victoria Embankment/Bridge Street corner next to Westminster tube station(facing parliament)
The speakers: eminent Kurdish historian Prof Kamal Mazhar Ahmad; Kurdish writer Rebwar Fatah .
The meeting is sponsored and chaired by David Drew MP

The Lausanne Treaty of 1923.
Were the Armenians , Assyrians and Kurds betrayed?

On Wednesday, 9th July at 6.15 p.m.

in Room 3A of the House of Lords
Speakers: Dr Kemal Miredali ( Kurdish writer); Ms Soma Mallzada (Researcher for C.H.A.K.) The meeting is sponsored and chaired by Lord Rea.
There will be the opportunity for questions and a discussion to consider the Treaty's validity in relation to these three nations which were not involved in its signing.

If you are planning to attend, RSVP if possible to asap

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Ani said...

An interesting series on war in the twentieth century is being broadcast in the U.S. on public television. It's hosted by Niall Ferguson and is based on his book, which is a revisionist history, considering problems of race and ethnic cleansing as early factors in the world wars. There is a section on the Armenian Genocide, which term he uses, as well as material about the destruction of the Armenian and Greek communities of Smyrna.

Here's a link, which I'll have to break several times to fit in here: