Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Intrigue of the day: works began to restore Armenia - Turkey railway station

"Caucasian Union", Armenia-Turkey football match...



The group of specialists of the South Caucasian Railways is repairing the railway station Akhuryan 2 on the railway Kars-Gyumri, the secretary of the South Caucasian Railways Vahe Davtyan told ARKA on Tuesday.

“We are preparing the station for receiving Turkish trains directly. Restoration of communication between Armenia and Turkey does not depend on us. This issue should be solved on a government level. Our job is to deal with the operation of the station,” Davtyan said.

According to him, presently the deadline of completion of reconstruction of the station is not known. Davtyan said every day new workers arrive at the station, who are directed by the head of the department of cargo shipment of the South Caucasian Railways Vladimir Khachatryan.


Ani said...

Easily the best news of the day--I guess we are cursed with living in "interest times," no?

Rerouting that Caucasus train through Gyumri to Tbilisi and then to Baku makes infinite sense, geopolitically and financially, after all, the track doesn't even have to be laid, and obviously Georgia doesn't have any money to spare now.

artmika said...

Completely agree with you, Ani. If materialised, this could be the best news of the day, for all the reasons you mentioned.

me said...

That thing has been idle for years now. I've felt like banging my head against a wall every time I've been to Gyumri, seen the devastation, looked at those rusting tracks and thought about how much putting them to use would change. They certainly aren't a cure-all but if nothing else perhaps they would have a small contribution to having the kids of the generation that has grown up in domiks not share the same fate.

I'm guessing this Caucasus love-fest of sorts will be killed soon enough though.

Haik said...

I think this is some sort of a game. Turkish diplomacy is very cunning.
Turks are using the situation for their advantage. After 15 years one day they walk up and want to open the boarders and establish friendship in Caucasus?

They very well know that there is no competent government in Armenia. That Armenia is governed by Russia. That Serj is so vulnerable so he denies the Genocide.

Turks will now show a fake goodwill, Americans will praise that, Russians will play the Armenia card for their geopolitical games.

Dont forget Attaturk's "good faith" when he adopted the red flag of communism to trick Lenin.

Haik said...

Everybody is gathering around the pot of harisa. Whoever has the biggest and strongest spoon will eat the most.
If we have one it is only a paper one.
Is there anybody out there who thinks Shavarsh koghinjyan Kocharian will be able to get even a drop of harisa in his plate?

But it is not too late we can convert the paper spoon with an iron one. This bandit rejime should be disposed as soon as possible.
Now it is a matter of protecting the independence of Armenia and Artsakh or whatever is left of it.

Ani said...

Train might have some traction:


A railway project linking Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia is not meant to exclude neighboring Armenia, with which Turkey has no formal ties, Turkish Minister of Transport Binali Yildirim said September 11, according to The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars bypasses Russia and Armenia. The railway, which is scheduled to be completed in 2011, will not only link the three countries but will also revive the historic Silk Road trade route that once connected Asia with Europe. "The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway is by no means a project excluding Armenia," Yildirim told reporters. "This is an international project aimed at boosting international trade and tourism, and it is quite possible that other countries may also join. Russia, Greece and Iran could join. It is not confined to Turkey and Azerbaijan alone," he added, Zaman reported.