Monday, 4 August 2008

Kind of ‘news of the day'

I like the way reported this ‘joke of the day’. To be honest, I do not feel like laughing. Look at this guy. Can you see here a top Armenian diplomat who should prevent and respond to challenges our country faces internationally? Couldn't they 'reward' him somewhere else?


The press office of the president reports that Serge Sargsyan signed a decree on August 2, appointing Shavarsh Kocharyan as the deputy foreign minister of Armenia.

Shavarsh’ efforts were not in vain. The government appreciated his “obvious” favors to the amendments to the Constitution, the NKR presidential election and the Armenian presidential election.

*photo - via Lragir


Haik said...

Նաև տես

Anonymous said...

I don't see what is so alarming about Shavarsh Kocharian, one of the more intellectual members of Armenia's club politica.

Personally, I find it more disgraceful that Levon is back in Armenian politics, and instead of jailing him for the encouraged exodus of 1/3 of the nation, some (thankfully a small number) people hope for his return to power. I have even met people in Armenia who wish that Stalin could be re-incarnated. What is next? A wish for the Ottomans to return to the helm???

me said...

That's good stuff, a mention of how "intellectual" Kocharian is, immediately followed by bewilderment at LTP's popularity.

Kocharian should stay as far away from foreign relations as possible; he's repeatedly disgraces many an Armenian mission in the international arena enough.

Anonymous said...

I'm with anonymous. So now we can make snipes at people because of their looks? What's next, teeth color or hair style?

At least the man has 1) a brain and 2) some level of dedication and service toward his country.

If many in the govt and the entire ltp herd had half of either, we would be in better shape.

artmika said...

To avoid further possible misinterpretation of what I wrote (as per Anonymous 05:00), I’d like to clarify this. While people’s look (appearance) may have some impact in foreign affairs, when I say “Look at this guy. Can you see here a top Armenian diplomat…” I was not referring to his look (appearance) per se, but rather to Shavarsh Kocharyan as a ‘whole package’, considering his past/present. I do agree that he is intelligent guy, but this does not mean that any intelligent guy can get a top position in Foreign Ministry. I would have expected that his “dedication and service” would have been rewarded somewhere in education/science field where his past experience made him a more suitable candidate. But apparently those in charge of education made it clear that Shavarsh Kocharyan is not welcome there. So here we are, a ‘trade-off’ with foreign affairs. It is painful to see the current state of affairs in Armenian Foreign Ministry. Filling in the gaps with rejects from other fields, however intelligent they are, does not seem helpful to me. I wish I will get proved wrong; in that case, I would be the first person to write about Shavarsh Kocharyan service to our country’s foreign affairs.

Anonymous said...

Artmika -when has the MFA ever impressed you more?

Not during the 1st 15 years, when one after another of our "young diplomats" used their international postings to flee Armenia?

Or maybe when after chowing down at the trough for years, opportunists claim the previous regime was criminal (didn't notice that reality while you were cashing your monthly check for 10 years?)

I look forward to further clean up of these self-styled opportunists.

me said...

Well, if the idea is to clean up opportunists than certainly appointing Kocharian is not the way to go; the guy has changed camps more times than Arthur Baghdasaryan has, and that's really saying something.

My biggest problem with this is that they keep promising change, but appointing someone to a semi-important post based on the ferocity of their attacks on LTP (and the "dark forces" that finance him) as opposed to skill and qualifications is business as usual.

The guy's on TV declaring that Matt Bryza's latest brain-fart re: Gharabagh is an overwhelming triumph for Armenian diplomacy that was won IN SPITE of LTP's dark conspiracies and a week later he gets a job at the MFA? Give me a break.