Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Levon Ter-Petrosyan: “Russian intervention saved South Ossetian people from genocide”

In an exclusive interview with A1+, leader of opposition movement Levon Ter-Petrosyan, Armenia’s first president and presidential hopeful during recent disputed presidential election, voiced the most straightforward support for Russian position expressed by any Armenian politician. Very interesting. Highly recommend it. (interview in Armenian)
(brief Russian version)
(RFE/RL reflection in English)

He speaks about local, regional and global politics, Russia, Georgia, US, EU, and lessons for Armenia. According to Ter-Petrosyan, Armenia’s official position of “positive neutrality” and readiness to provide humanitarian assistance to all sides of the conflict displayed by the authorities was the only acceptable position taking into account our country’s neighbourly relationships with Georgia and Russia.

*photo - by Photolur, via A1+


Haik said...

I would not call it "straightforward support for Russian position". He only said that if Russians didn’t intervene within next 6 hours S Ossetia would have been cleansed of Ossetians.

It was a support to small and fragile people like Osetians aka Alans.

There was no mentioning about the current situation which I believe Russians are taking too far.

He said that Armenia should stay a positively - neutral country when there is a conflict between friendly nations.

I still don’t find this opinion about closing the Roki tunnel sufficient. Georgians could close it for incoming traffic if they had teh resources.

artmika said...

He did touch what many call "disproportionate Russian response", but stopped short of blaming Russia.

Question: Շատերն, ընդունելով հանդերձ Ռուսաստանի միջամտության հիմնավորվա­ծությունը, միաժամանակ պնդում են, որ նրա պատասխանը համարժեք չէր

Answer: Պատմության մեջ ես չգիտեմ դեպք, երբ հզորների պատասխանը համարժեք է եղել իրենց դեմ կատարված որեւէ ոտնձգության£ Կարեւորն, ինչպես ասացի, այն է, որ Ռուսաստանը, անկախ նրա պատասխանի համարժեք լինելու կամ չլինելու պարագայից, կանխեց հարավ-օսեթական ժողովրդին սպառնացող ցեղասպանությունը

Haik said...

I think he meant that the talk about the Russian "disproportional intervention" is pointless as the opposite could not be expected.
I don’t know any situation in history when warring armies consider about deploying proportional resources.
I think it was Bush who said it, no surprise that it was a very stupid thing to say.
The nature of resources deployed in a war depend on certain calculations.

Anonymous said...

oops, there goes yet another myth about LTP, the "pro-west" stooge. seems like he is looking for a new master, sucking up to the russkies now.

Haik said...

yes indead another myth is gone.

spm said...

I read the interview on Nazarian, and I did not like it at all. Besides jumping like a kid and shouting toward Russian embassy "I am with you, I am on your side", the analysis fells short of maturity of a politician and national leader. I do not think LTP is as naive as he appears in the interview, but he must learn to respect his electorate. He committed this very same error during his presidency, turning his back to the crowd which brought him to the power, ignoring them or plainly showing disrespect.
The fact is that Russians are solving in Georgia more geopolitical goals than simply saving Osetians from "genocide". Thus, showing so much support for Russian actions, LTP either has already traded some favors from Russians (I doubt that) or is really doing naive reverence, which is not going to be appreciated by anyone.

Anonymous said...

I have percieved the interview of LTP not as Russia or West orientated naive manner. There is NK conflict still unresolved. Armenia's argument is also about ensuring security to its nationals in Azeri territory as Russia claims its activities are dirrected to protect the Ossetian people from genocide. I think this was an inteview to be refrenced in future when discussing NK.

Anonymous said...

LTP was always pro-Russian. He was groomed by the KGB when "in prison" before being let out of the cage to gallop to Armenia to "save the day."

me said...

He's an Azeri. He's a Turkish agent. He's a Jew. He wants to aid in establishing a Pan-Turkish state in the Caucasus. He's a Zionist. He's a Soros-funded tiresome Western Stooge. He's a perpetually pro-Russian KGB agent. Ah, the many faces of Levon Ter-Petrosyan.

spm said...

Anon at 07:40 23/08/08
I have said it in the previous comment and I would like to make the point once more. Armenian politician needs Russian support to secure hold or even better sovereignty over NKR. But Russia also needs international support for its actions in Georgia. So since we are talking politics here, there appears a chance for bargain. Declaring full and unconditional support for Russians actions without being payed back is wrong conduct for any politician. Robert and Serj have traded personal favors with Russians, which is bad because it hurts national interests, but at least it is not naive. The correct thing to do now, would be to asking Russians to accept independence of NKR along with Ossetian and Abkhasian, in exchange for unconditional support of Russian politics. LTP is not in a position to do that. So he either should have negotiated with them his return to presidential palace, which doesn't seem to be a case, or he is a naively thinking by such declaration he will win hearts of Russian administration and will be viewed favorably in the future.

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