Monday, 6 October 2008

Armenia: re-launch of presidential website

Via, today saw the re-launch of the revamped official website of The President of the Republic of Armenia. Spokeswoman for the administration claimed that all efforts has been made using modern technologies to transform the presidential website into user-friendly and “the best source of information.”

I can’t compare with the previous one as I visited that site in past only very few times. I do not even remember how it looked like. However, I remember my general impression back then that the president’s website looked unimpressive, lacking much functionality and effectively useless.

I tried accessing the revamped version today.

Unfortunately, it takes too long to load, at least from London. I saw only the very first page, and after few tries I gave up trying.

Anyway, have a look yourself:


Anonymous said...

Are they hosting this website on SS's laptop?
Maybe it is fast for him and the LAN users. Well, I think that's enough.

Ani said...

How convenient--there's a link to the Constitution right on the homepage! Perhaps someone in the government will read it if they get some spare time.

Onnik Krikorian said...

Too slow for me too, so it's not an Armenia-hosting issue. Tried many times yesterday and the same is true today. 5 minutes so far and all I get is the top banner. Ridiculous.