Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Armenia - 'Internet heaven'? (Russia president Medvedev)

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev praises wimax Internet coverage in Armenia. He says that the whole country is covered (as opposed to Russia), and it is possible to drive from one place to another and watch TV via high-speed Internet. (source)


Anonymous said...

Whahahahahhahahahahahahaha! The best joke I heard today!

nazarian said...

Where is that elusive internet coverage in Armenia?

Haik said...

I guess they popped in a DVD in his laptop while telling him that he is watching online film.

Onnik Krikorian said...

Yeah, that's bullshit, and not least because I have Wimax and while it's much better than my dialup connection was (and also cheaper), it's years behind what you can get for the same price elsewhere, including Azerbaijan and probably Georgia.

I know this because I've compared speeds with a friend in Baku and it's also interesting to note the global stats for the fastest internet connections. In terms of this region, this is how the three S.Caucasus republics compare.

Georgia is first with 6.54 mb/s download, 1.47 mb/s upload

Azerbaijan is second with 2.25 mb/s download, 1.10 mb/s upload

Armenia is third with 1.12 mb/s download, 0.47 mb/s upload

Still, it's better than it was, but all three countries lag behind Europe, the U.S. and I'm actually told Armenia.

It's also worth noting that Wimax is ONLY available in parts of Yerevan -- in the case iCON that's Kentron and Arabakir/Monument. In a year they plan to expand into the regions after covering the whole of Yerevan.

Anyway, no, you can not watch TV online without pausing it and waiting for it to load. The same goes for YouTube. Even in low resolution it doesn't stream.

Onnik Krikorian said...

CORRECTION: That should have read:

Still, it's better than it was, but all three countries lag behind Europe, the U.S. and I'm actually told RUSSIA.

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

It's clear what is happening: LTP is selling bandwidth to the Azeris so that he and his cronies can sell dial-up modems to the people. Damn you, Levon!

Katy said...


Observer said...

Guys, What Medvedev said about WiMax Coverage is actually true - Cornet WiMax has most of the country covered and I've tested it in Yerevan, areas around Yerevan and Gyumri - it's just fine. It's not good enough for driving and watching online TV - but you can get YouTube anywhere on Yerevan - Gyumri road - and that is a serious achievement.

Haik said...


That's pretty interesting. Can you give some more info? Do you purchases special wireless card (maybe USB) from Cornet ( 802.16 enabled) to support the mobile connection? There was no mentioning about this in the website.
It seems the main issue is the price rates.

Lara A. said...

wimax belongs to Medvedev, right?

Onnik Krikorian said...

It's not good enough for driving and watching online TVRight, so it's all a pile of bull crap (sorry for the language Mika, but appropiate).

If a friend in Baku can speak on Skype using dialup and I have to use Wimax there's something seriously wrong here.