Friday, 5 June 2009

Picture of the Day - ArmeniaNow: "Beauty under Lock"

ArmeniaNow (photo by Nazik Armenakyan): "A beauty parlor in the center of Yerevan has been closed in the latest show of government clampdown on tax dodgers. A yellow ribbon reads “Winning receipts were not provided here” – in reference to cash register receipts which can bring the lucky owner from 5,000 to 5 million drams in the national lottery. A new law (January) stipulates that shop owners must give cash receipts."


sepian said...

It could be a possible trademark infringement case as shown in the link below.

artmika said...

You are right, name-wise "SEPHORIA" is almost identical to "SEPHORA" in NY.

I do not know if trademark infringement played a role in shutting down this store, but I wish people pay more (and serious) attention to such things in Yerevan, like in case of GAP you mentioned in your post.

Katy said...

Crap. I LOVE that place. I know it is probably a trademark violation, but man did they give good haircuts and other services. And they were VERY nice. What a bummer. I would have recommended them strongly to anyone.

nazarian said...

A reasonable judge would have determined that Sephoria can be confused with Sephora - even the typeface and the little red S are exactly the same - even though they are in different businesses.

But from the yellow tape it's clear that they were shut down for tax evasion.