Tuesday, 4 May 2010

History in the making: presentation and landmark report on LGBT rights in Armenia

4 May 2010

Congratulations to PINK Armenia and big thanks to all those who participated and supported a groundbreaking presentation and discussions of the results of legal analysis and qualitative research on discrimination towards LGBT people and state with their human rights in Armenia conducted within the framework of “We and Our Rights” project. It was history in the making in Armenian gay rights movement. Here is hoping for practical results to follow.

PINK’s new website is currently under the construction but you are able to download the short version of the reports in Armenian and English there.

A must read.

During the event, there was an excellent coverage of this truly historic presentation on #LGBTArmenia (official Twitter hashtag for the event) by @pinkarmenia and @Lara_Aha. Some great tweets out there. Now need time to digest and get more insight.

Detailed blog posts to come later, over the coming days on Unzipped: Gay Armenia.

*picture - by PINK Armenia