Saturday, 26 June 2010

Watching Spain vs Chile World Cup match with Spanish fans

Was watching World Cup Spain vs Chile match with hundreds of Spanish fans at Camino bar in London. A friend of mine suggested this place, as I wanted to watch the match with Spanish fans and in a place where I have not been before. I am so grateful for this suggestion. It was an excellent choice. A genuine Spanish-like atmosphere. Friendly staff and security. Relaxing environment. I am definitely coming back, and not only for World Cup matches.

During the match I kept comparing the experience of watching football with Spanish and English fans.

What I like in Spanish fans is that they always manage to turn the occasion into a celebration. The atmosphere was very friendly, hot, crazy. I loved it. I did not like throwing half-empty cans of beer at each other though. I do not know if it's a tradition or just a one-off thing, as have not noticed such things before.

True, there is always a good level of craziness present with English fans too. And the atmosphere (and fans) could be pretty hot too. So you could get hotness and craziness with both Spanish and English fans in different ways and depending on where you watch it.

What I dislike in English fans is that there is too much stress and anger present during England games. Also, more frequent nationalistic sentiments expressed during commentary, shouts and some songs. I have to admit though that the level of adrenalin is higher when watching football with English fans.

Below is a short video I made today, and few pictures.

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