Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Watching football in 3D

For the first time, selected cinemas in London were showing World Cup matches in 3D. This followed successful trials in pubs across country of 3D broadcasting few English Premier League games couple of months ago.

I was curious and wanted to experience football in 3D and thought that World Cup is a perfect and exciting opportunity to do so.

It was an interesting experience, a different one. Stadium full of people looked a bit surreal in 3D. Players looked smaller than usual. At times, it was as if I was watching a toy game instead of real football.

The quality of picture was not as good or clear as in High Definition TVs. 3D was great in close-up scenes, but the nature of televised football does not allow for getting much close-ups. Also, to be honest, it did not feel that there is necessarily need for a 3-rd dimension there. In films, it’s different. Animations or selected other films (but not all), like Avatar, are great in 3D. But wearing additional glasses and focusing on dimensions could be pretty inconvenient or distracting too.

Verdict: Good to experience it, but for now I prefer watching football on HDTV (high definition).

*In picture: Spanish football fans went crazy after semi-final win over Germany and took over London’s Piccadilly circus (7 July 2010) - Piccadilly Español :)

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