Saturday, 18 September 2010

Чья бы мычала?! Jhangiryan and... human rights

So did I miss something? Where was the promised ‘breaking news’ during the opposition rally in Yerevan? Not that I expected any not alone ‘breaking’ news taking into account past experiences and trend... Same old speeches, no inspiration, no drive to move people, no real alternative. Disappointing. Boring.

And please, someone ask Jhangiryan to shut up. Former military prosecutor was himself accused in human rights violations and torture. And now he is ‘lecturing’ about human rights:
“For me the army is a most delicate subject, as I worked with the army for ten years and know about progress in army construction and all the aspects of army life. However, what we have been witnessing over recent months sometimes defies imagination of even experienced people. “I could never imagine that an Armenian soldier’s dignity and life might be so valueless that he would be regularly humiliated and beaten up and get pleasure from it [the Youtube video is meant],” Jhangiryan said. “It is criminal and permissiveness that is the real enemy,” he said.”

RFE/RL report, April 2007:
A court in Yerevan on Monday gave military prosecutors the green light to continue their investigation into mysterious killings of two Armenian soldiers that has been dogged by allegations of a cover-up and grave human rights abuses. [...]

The case against the now demobilized soldiers is essentially based on an April 2004 “confession” made by one of them, Razmik Sargsian. The latter retracted the testimony shortly afterwards, saying that it was extracted by force. The two other soldiers also claim to have been badly ill-treated in custody.

Sargsian insisted on Monday that he incriminated himself and his comrades after being brutally tortured by investigators, including Deputy Prosecutor-General Gagik Jahangirian, who led the probe in his previous capacity as Armenia’s chief military prosecutor. “Gagik Jahangirian personally slapped me when I was taken to his office,” he said. “He was angry because I was unable to raise my head and look him in the eyes due to the beatings. He cracked one of my teeth and dislocated my jaw.”

I CAN speak/write about human rights violations in the army. You, Mr. Jhangiryan, CAN’T. So, please, shut the f* up.


Anonymous said...

I agree: no surprises, just the same old rhetoric which I would think that most of us are tired of hearing by now. So disappointing.

Observer said...

Իմ առաջին ռեակցիան՝ զզվանք, երկրորդը՝ Մե խնդություն, մե ծիծաղ... գժվել է էս մարդը