Saturday, 17 September 2011

#Fail: Armenia Junior Eurovision selection show promotes Dolphinarium

Tonight I decided to watch the Armenia selection show for Junior Eurovision, but I turned it off instantly as soon as they started promoting Dolphinarium.
I boycott today's #Armenia Junior #Eurovision selection show as they promote Delphinarium #fail
This is what Public TV in Armenia promotes among younger audiences. A major #fail.

To Shut Down the Dolphinarium: Armenian Environmentalists Ready to Go to International Courts

[...] The government ministry is being accused of inaction with reference to the newly constructed Nemo Dolphinarium in Yerevan’s Komitas Park, which environmentalists have been demanding be shut down.

[...]...Armenia does not have the necessary conditions or suitable climate for dolphins to live.

“We also presented arguments by different experts and environmentalists in Armenia testifying the fact that Armenia does not have the means to keep dolphins” [...]

“We wanted [them] to conduct monitoring, to check the conditions, the dolphins’ health — but they refuse.[...] Only on the telephone, a woman answered our questions and said that the pool is not [full] of ocean water, they only make additions, the dolphins’ health is rarely checked because experts [have to] come in from other countries” [...]

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