Wednesday, 2 November 2011

"От перемены мест слагаемых..." - re: so called sackings and resignations in Armenia ruling circle

In case you have a (even the tiniest possible) thought that what's being happening now - number of high profile reshuffles, including police chief and speaker of the parliament - may somehow positively or negatively impact your life or that of your country... It will be the same. Nothing has really changed. A bit better, a bit worse, doesn’t much matter. This reshuffle has a very specific internal meaning and importance. Internal in terms of power reshuffle within the ruling party and administration in the run-up of the elections.

Have a look at the ‘new’ police chief who replaced the 'old' one. It’s the same guy who instead of tackling root causes of violence in the army (as deputy MoD), started blaming everything on... 'foreign-sponsored groups' who has been voicing their concerns re status quo in the army, threatening with 'legal actions', a claim repeated afterwards by the minister himself. I am not even going into details of his 'heroic' track record. You may have thought that Alik was the worst possible choice for police chief. Think again. It’s very difficult to decide who is better here: Alik or Vova? “Better” is not the word to be used. It’s from worse to worse. 

In its essence, it’s all about elections, loyalty, although have to be honest, I am not entirely sure that Vova Gasparyan (new police chief) is any less or more loyal than Alik Sargsyan (now former police chief).

But above all, its about their perceived ability to “secure" winning the upcoming election. What the word “secure” means in Armenian election context, no need to explain. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Ironically, now ex-speaker Hovik Abrahamyan (nicknamed "muk" - AM for mouse) will be heading - yet again - the election HQ of the ruling Republican party. Some say this was his ‘punishment’ for alleged alliances with (pro-Kocharyan) Prosperous Armenia party and ex-president Kocharyan himself. Who cares?

There is an expression that describes what's being happening perfectly. I do not know why but I like saying it in Russian: От перемены мест слагаемых сумма не меняется.

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