Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tweetathon, march, “wall of shame” - Armenia marks International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

To raise awareness of this year's 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence campaign and of gender-based violence in general, a group of civil society organisations are planning a Tweetathon this Friday, 25 Nov 2011. Friday is the first of the 16 Days and the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

To participate in the Tweetathon, please join the conversation by using the #16days hashtag. Here are a few suggestions via Women’s Resource Center and PINK Armenia:
"This Friday is #IDEVAW and the start of #16days2011. Join the #16days tweetathon on 25 Nov to spread awareness about #GBV & #VAW" 
"Today is #IDEVAW and the start of #16days2011. What can we do to combat #GBV & #VAW all year? Share your thoughts using the #16days hashtag" 
"Happening now: #16days tweetathon. Check out what people are saying about #GBV & #VAW and join the conversation! #IDEVAW #16days2011" 
"#FollowFriday: the #16days tweetathon! #GBV #VAW #IDEVAW #16days2011 #FF"

Few stats via Women’s Resource Center, Armenia:
1 in every 3 women experiencing domestic violence around the world are also subjected to sexual assault.
In the first semester of 2011 there were 10 registered legal cases on trafficking in Armenia; 8 are related to sexual trafficking of women.
In Armenia, women are still getting abortions based on gender choice (favoring male fetuses over female). The gender ratio has reached a scandalous level and organizations are getting worried.
In Armenia, we have 131 deputies and only 11 among them are women.
Poverty strikes women the most; globally 70% among the poorest are women.
In Armenia, we have 18 ministers, among them only 2 are women.
In the world, 95% of victims of domestic violence are women.
No one will be protected against violence if we stay silent!
In Armenia, approximately 1 671 012 of the population is female.
You have 1 671 012 reasons to join this march to stop violence against women and girls on 25 November!

Street action "Wall of shame" 

(Unzipped: reminds me in concept my Hall of Shame)

Women's Rights Center organises a street action called "Wall of shame" in the framework of 16 Days of Activism. During the action a poster demonstrating husband’s violent behavior towards her wife (the scene is caught by their little daughter) will be presented in the center of the avenue. Papers and pens will be distributed to the passersby, who may express their feelings and comments on that picture. It is anticipated that the picture will be covered with different comments of the passersby until the end of the action.

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artmika said...

I'd recommend reading this pretty good blog post by outgoing British Ambassador in Armenia Charles Lonsdale: The hate that dare not speak its name

Pictures from the march

video 1

video 2