Monday, 31 December 2012

2013: rock-n-roll New Year !!

On a personal note...

Never before I was able to achieve so many personal To Do-s [some coming back from my teenage years] as I did in 2012. Apparently, dragon loved me. But hey, I was determined, I took the risks, and it was worth it. I fought some of my personal inhibitions [yes, I do have inhibitions too :) !], and it was so worth it.

I wish readers of my blogs, my friends and family to see at least some of the most important dreams realised in 2013.

May 2013 rock your inhibitions and set you free.

It’s London calling. It’s rock-n-roll.

Have a very happy New Year !!

With love, 

x Mika

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

It's Christmas Day in West and end of an era in Armenia politics

Here we are. It's Christmas Day in West, and now officially end of an era in Armenian politics, as ex-president and leader of (what remains of) opposition HAK group Levon Ter-Petrosyan formally withdrew his candidacy from upcoming presidential election citing age (68). Not surprising, considering the circumstances. Considering the fact that over the last 5 years he failed in building up a viable opposition force. He failed in contributing to the rise of new leaders ready and able to challenge the status quo on a national level.

That flirting - unashamedly - with oligarch-led party and the oligarch himself illustrated the impotency of those on the scene and inability to lead. Ironically, Gagik Tsarukyan (oligarch head of the BHK [‘Prosperous Armenia’] party) became ‘the only hope’ for the opposition. It was painful to see how political figures downgraded to become oligarch-pleasers.

Here is hoping this ‘end of an era’ will stimulate the rise of new political leaders to match an increasing importance and influence of civic activists in Armenia.

As for the February presidential election, the only candidate that I will support is the leader of Heritage party, Armenia ex-FM Raffi Hovhannisyan. Although I disagree with Raffi on number of internal and foreign issues, and criticised his populism in past, currently he is my favourite Armenian politician (compared to others in public view). I also respect immensely his post-DIY stance, when he came out in support, even though it was obvious this would not be in line with the majority of average voters and in defiance with the prevalent anti-gay hysteria. I will never forget his stance.

But there should be no doubt that Serj is the winner. I can safely say Armenia is heading to the most predictable presidential election. This time, he won't need any violations, any fraud. This could be a textbook example of 'free and fair elections' in Armenia. It will be 'picture perfect'.

‘Free and fair’ only from a technical point of view but never by essence.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Welcome, winter! à la Brussels

 *Grand Place: as I was told, pretty "controversial" main Christmas tree in Brussels, No.1 talk in town
 *Grand Place: much more controversial, in my opinion, 'Nativity Scene'...with real sheep
 *Cuteness: 'Welcome, winter'
 *Christmas tree with recycled bottles
*"controversial" main Christmas tree (from different angle)

Monday, 10 December 2012

Papier d'Arménie

A discovery from Brussels, thanks to present by a dear friend of mine.

Papier d'Arménie:
Papier d'Arménie, or Armenian Paper, is a room deodorizing product sold as booklets of twelve sheets of paper each cut into three pieces, which are coated with benzoin resin, the dried sap of styrax trees.
At the end of the 19th century, Auguste Ponsot discovered that Armenian households would burn Styrax as a fragrance and disinfectant. M. Ponsot adopted this habit with the help of the pharmacist Henri Rivier, whereby benzoin resin was dissolved in alcohol, then infused onto a blotting paper support. The "alchemy" inherent in Papier d'Arménie became a huge success with the emerging importance of hygiene from 1888–1889, and has been steadily produced in Montrouge, France since 1885. (for more: see Wikipedia)

Sunday, 25 November 2012

March against gender-based violence: clear message, 'Rhythms of resistance', creative performance (Yerevan, Armenia)

To mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and as part of the annual 16 Days Activism Against Gender Based Violence, Women's Resource Centre in Yerevan, along with other groups, organised march against violence. Participants included wonderful and inspirational 'Rhythms of resistance' [Հեղառիթմեր]. March ended with a creative performance.

*Video above via Utopiana.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

New York - New York: few pics for now

Few pics from NYC. I will post more, including from other travel diaries, on both of my blogs, depending on inspiration.

 *Spotted at one of NYC subway trains. Love it, with all the diversity of characters.
 *From above the High Line, downtown Manhattan, NYC
 *in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, NYC

*Times sq, NYC

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Armenia PM: the end of cool

I have a confession to make. When Tigran Sargsyan was appointed PM, I was pleased as he was the most intelligent, well educated, seemingly pro-Western person in the cabinet. And he had a good taste in number of things. Ocean apart from the likes of Galust Sahakyan & co that ruling Republican party is so full of.

I am not going to provide a critical review of his years as head of the government. He looks pretty organic when he plays the music. He looks pretty awkward and out of place when he tries playing ‘macho’ (example).

Unfortunately, he will be remembered most as a PM who turned church related mourning days into national holidays.

Needless to say that being a VIP member of the Republican party whose ideology (if I may use such term in relation to this group) is out of touch with contemporary realities (to put it mildly) is in itself tarnishing the reputation. They are the epitome of uncool and impede Armenia’s moving forward, despite the very slogan they adopted.

What happened to the cool PM I once hoped for (example)? Nothing has left of that image.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Aparan, Armenia: triumph of ugliness

Poor Aparanci. As if all the jokes associated with that particular region of Armenia were not enough, they got this: "official opening of 33 metre cross in Aparan".

One word: ugly.

As noted by friend: "Who and why? So there can be more Aparan jokes?" Indeed.

*picture - by © PanARMENIAN Photo / Varo Rafaelyan. For more pics - see here.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

"Beyond Borders: Linking Our Stories": Turkish - Armenian border, women, storytelling

The Women's Resource Center in Armenia and the AMARGI Feminist Collective in Turkey are coming together to work on this inspiring project called "Beyond Borders: Linking Our Stories":
We believe that women should take peace into their own hands and one way to begin is by sitting down with one another, across borders and across difference, to tell our stories. 
The power of a woman telling her story lies in the transformation she lives when she hears the strength of her own voice and in the transformation we live when we are forced to shift our own ideas about women as faceless objects without a voice. 
This project aims to establish a dialogue and cooperation between Armenian and Turkish women, to build solidarity among women across the closed Turkish-Armenian border and to develop an innovative approach to peace-building by collecting a number of interviews by and from women in both countries, which will then be turned into a performance and book for larger audiences. Some of the themes that will be explored include violence, poverty, family, and sexuality. One of our main goals is to make visible ordinary women's lives living across the border, and to make their stories accessible to women in both countries, as well as to women in other countries with conflicted borders.

Because most policies and peace negotiations are usually implemented at higher levels of government where women's voices are not often heard, this project will place the power to create peace into ordinary women's hands. After all of the interviews are conducted (approximately 30 in total from both sides) a group of women from Armenia will travel to Turkey to meet and work with a group of women from Turkey for two weeks. The interviews that were conducted will be discussed and analyzed, workshops on effective peace-building and conflict resolution will be given, and a short film will be made documenting the process of the two groups coming together and preparing for a final performance at Madrasa Theater in Sirince, Turkey. Some time after this initial meeting, the group will also meet in Armenia to hold a second performance in Yerevan.
You may support this project by donating here:  

Sunday, 7 October 2012

To do: ‘Persona non grata’ on human rights grounds for certain Armenia officials, individuals and groups

Human rights abuses should never be considered an internal matter for any country.

I have already mentioned this in relation to recent events in Armenia when certain high level officials supported and encouraged anti-gay violence, and some of ultra-nationalist and neo-nazi groups and individuals attacked gay friendly venues and events.

Few of them are indicated in the Homophobia Hall of Shame. Examples: deputy speaker of parliament, spokesman of ruling Republican party Eduard Sharmazanov; now ex-MP, president of Armenia Football Federation Ruben Hayrapetyan (nicknamed ‘Nemets Rubo’); MP from ARF Dashnaktsutyun party Artsvik Minasyan; ultra-nationalist, neo-nazi groups Hayazn union, Armenian Aryan Union and so on.

There are more people, of course, re other human rights abuses too.

USA and European embassies should take this issue very seriously, and people who commit human rights abuses (whether alone or as members of groups or organisations) should be blacklisted and denied visa. [As far as I understood, the process is on]

At the very least this will create inconvenience and hurt their personal and business interests and reputation and send pretty strong message that anti-gay and other human rights abuses are certainly not OK.

Below is an example, as detailed by The Sunday Times, re some Russian officials:
[...] Details of the blacklist have been disclosed by the immigration minister, Damian Green, in a letter to a Tory MP. Green said a list of 60 officials, including prosecutors, judges, tax inspectors, police and prison chiefs, compiled by an American congressional committee, had been sent to the British embassy in Moscow. “[It] will be considered if an entry clearance application is received from any of the named individuals,”  
Green wrote. The minister said that the British government “was committed to applying the power contained in the immigration rules to refuse entry to those who have committed human rights abuses.” 
 */emphasis mine/ 

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Trilogy (Avanesyan - Gatto - Ivanov) - Pulp Fiction Soundtrack

"Hrachya Avanesyan is considered as one of the most inspiring artists of his generation. Born in Armenia in 1986, Hrachya Avanesyan moved to Belgium with his family at the age of 16 and is now settled there." More bio details...

As per description, accompanying the video, "created in 2012 [on band's FB page - 11 September 2011 is indicated] by 3 international acclaimed violinists, Hrachya Avanesayan, Lorenzo Gatto & Yossif Ivanov, Trilogy's aim is to bring a new wave in to the often misinterpreted world of classical music, focussing on refreshing the great works of the classical repertoire."

They describe Trilogy project/band as "a nice blend of friendship, passion and some beers".
Youth, friendship and excitement is what 'Trilogy' stands for.
Pretty refreshing work, agree.

*Thanks to A.M. for the link

Friday, 31 August 2012

Epic shame for Hungary as axe murderer Ramil Safarov extradited to Azerbaijan to be pardoned and turned into ‘national hero’

Utterly disgusted with the news that Ramil Safarov - axe murderer of Armenia officer at NATO training in Budapest, Hungary, was extradited to Azerbaijan and pardoned by their president.

This sends all the wrong messages to citizens of Azerbaijan and Armenia that violence is acceptable and encouraged on the highest state level, with the direct involvement of EU member state Hungary.

This will inevitably increase the level of suspicion during similar mutual trainings and initiatives elsewhere, and will turn into a big obstacle for Karabakh peace building process.

F*cked up leaders, corrupted governments and attempts at turning failed policies into populist nationalist triumphs... with the help of bloody oil money, of course.

Only few days ago, news surfaced re oil rich Azerbaijan dictatorship’s possible 2-3 bln money lending to Hungary.

BUDAPEST, Aug 23 (Reuters) - Oil exporter Azerbaijan could lend Hungary 2-3 billion euros [...] *source

No comments, indeed.

Expensive price Aliyev’s regime decided to pay for turning the murderer into a ‘national hero’.

Epic shame and fail to Hungary that should be investigated by EU on the highest possible level.

In the meantime, Armenia cuts diplomatic and official ties with Hungary.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Armenia rankings at London 2012

After gaining 3rd medal yesterday - bronze in wrestling, thanks to Artur Aleksanyan, Armenia has the following rankings at London 2012, as of 8 August:

No. 48  overall in Olympic ranking at London 2012 (compared to No. 78 in Beijing 2008)

No. 7 in wrestling

No. 16 in weightlifting

*images via BBC website

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Armenia’s ‘super Sunday’ moment at London 2012 - Finally!!

After pretty dismal start of London 2012 by Armenia sports-men and -women, with quite a few nil points out there, after the fashion fail during Olympics opening ceremony, with that horrific long white scarfs & more [but I like AM sports outfits], finally... Today is a ‘super Sunday' for Armenia at London 2012.

Arsen Julfalakyan won silver medal in wrestling, becoming - as BBC commentary puts it - the first ever pair father/son Olympic medalists in wrestling [Arsen's father - Levon Julfalakyan is a renown Olympic champion].

*Roman Vlasov of Russia stands on the podium with his Gold Medal, Arsen Julfalakyan of Armenia (L) the Silver and Emin Ahmadov (R) of Azerbaijan and Aleksandr Kazakevic of Lithuania the Bronzes after their Men's Greco-Roman 74 kg Wrestling Gold Medal bout against Arsen Julfalakyan of Armenia on Day 9 at ExCeL [source: London 2012]

One more medal for Armenia - bronze - was won by awesome Hripsime Khurshudyan in weightlifting. BBC complimented Hripsime, calling her a "fabulous technician".

*source of picture:

Saturday, 28 July 2012

London 2012: pink Olympics

*all signs of London 2012 Olympics are in pink :))

London 2012: Opening ceremony with the WOW factor (pictures & tweets)

*pictures - via The Guardian, The Sun, Metro and Time Out London.

And the night, as per my selected tweets (most recent first) :

Just spoke to my parents. They loved #London2012 opening too. Well done, Danny Boyle. An impressive showcase, indeed.
#Lesbian kiss at Olympic opening ceremony sparks praise, fury #lgbt  /via @queerza #London2012
Same here. Via @KevorkO Proud to call #London my home.#OlympicCeremony #london2012
We said it on the front cover of the mag and we stand by it. London is the Greatest City on Earth! Danny, you've done us proud. #welldoneDan
Retweeted by Mika
A class act #London2012
"For the first time, all participating teams have female athletes"#London2012
The setting, Olympics stadium looks stunning #London2012
It really does feel like #Eurovision :)) #London2012 cc: @onewmphoto
Djokovic is all charm ;)) #Serbia #London2012
Hearing that the first lesbian kiss has been shown on Saudi Arabian TV via screening the Olympics and the scene from Brookside. Brilliant!
True "@Chielie: Nice to see sworn enemies march in same parade. Armenia, Azerbaizjan; Eritrea, Ethiopia."
No matter how cynical you can't help but be moved about how positive the opening ceremony is in representing diversity and acceptance. PROUD
Pic: Remember when James Bond & HRH The Queen jumped from a helicopter? Don't see that every day #OpeningCeremony
Who was responsible for #fashion #fail of #Armenia sportsmen?#London2012
#Armenia#London2012 BBC commentators mention oligarch Tsarukyan (without naming him) who promised big sum money for Olympic champions
I approve this message. RT @ChristyRae2012 Becks in a speedboat. I really think he should light the torch in nothing but his Armani undies.
WOW! Beckham + the Olympics torch #London2012

Yeah. You saw it. The lesbian kiss. When countries present execute gay people you have no idea how important that is. #London2012

The inventor of world wide web #London2012 the coolest
#London2012 ♥ Via @ab_hlebregas British music >
Бойл своей иронией разбил окаменевшие рамки церемоний открытия Олимпиад. Просто браво! Столько хулиганства никогда и нигде не было)

WOW! Queen + Bond Craig. WOW! #London2012

Super excited !!! #London2012

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

How Armenia born New York based artist Tigran Tsitoghdzyan "mesmerised" Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi Gallery posted on their Facebook page this painting of Armenia born New York based artist Tigran Tsitoghdzyan with the following comment: "We are mesmerised by this painting by Tigran Tsitoghdzyan entitled Mirror. Are you?"

Fascinating work. Handsome artist.

Here is a link to his profile on Saatchi.

And here is a link to Tigran's website.

"Fly to Yerevan. Play a duduk" - British Airways (BA) ad in London's Evening Standard

*British Airways ad, published in London's Evening Standard daily Diamond Jubilee edition. "Fly to Yerevan. Play a duduk" !! :))

Armenia athletes in London 2012 (infographic)

Awesome infographic via reporter-arm: Armenian Athletes in London 2012 Olympic Games

Saturday, 7 July 2012

"I sign this petition in memory of my great-grandfather" - To the Government of Armenia: Honor the Constitutional Right of Each Citizen [including LGBT]

As I posted earlier, the Armenian Gay and Lesbian Association of New York has sponsored historic petition co-signed by 20+ leading Armenian cultural figures who have unified their voices to support human rights in Armenia. This is the first time such a petition has been created in support of LGBT human rights in Armenia.

Chairman of Golden Apricot International Film Festival, one of my favourite film-makers, prominent Canadian Armenian director Atom Egoyan is among those who co-signed the petition.

It has since been supported by more than 300 (at the time of writing this post) Armenian and foreign citizens, including well known activists, cultural, art figures.

Comments are being posted under the petition by people who signed it.

Here is a very touching one by Christine Allen:
My great-grandfather, Shukrey Sanjiyan, was brutally attacked during a pogrom in Tarsus on November 15, 1895. He managed to survive and made his way to the U.S. via France in 1897. The rest of his family was slaughtered during the genocide. It is in his memory that I, his lesbian great-granddaughter, sign this petition. My wife and I have been together for over 26 years and our youngest daughter, Kalie Sanjiyan, carries his name. I work for equal rights for all people in America, and I support equal rights for all people in the homeland of my heart, Armenia.
[For more comments - follow this link to the petition.]

Please sign and share the petition with all your friends, family and allies. [The Armenian translation has now been posted with English original]

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Developing story: Red card to ‘Nemets Rubo’

'Nemets Rubo' resigned from being MP. [Embattled ‘Oligarch’ Quits Parliament Over Deadly Violence] Of course, this is simply a damage limitation exercise by Hayrapetyan (and Armenia president Serj Sargsyan), as a consequence of ongoing protest actions by activists coordinated via Facebook. Right one and unprecedented in Armenia, but not enough at all and should merely be the first step.

He should resign from the Football Association too [petition: UEFA AND FIFA Administration: RESIGNATION OF RUBEN HAYRAPETYAN] I want to see Armenia national football team disassociated from a person who is full of hatred. I tweeted to FIFA and UEFA too.
Dear @FIFAcom & @UEFAcom please consider reprimanding #Armenia FA president for #homophobia & anti #gay hatred Armenia Football Federation president Ruben Hayrapetyan ‘against terrorism’ but ‘ready to punish gays and eradicate from society’
In the meantime, activists continue protest campaign, demanding a thorough investigation of the incident, including the role of 'Nemets Rubo'. There has been calls to foreign embassies and wider public to consider Ruben Hayrapetyan a "persona non grata" (with special FB "public event" set up).

*picture by CivilNet/Seda Grigoryan

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Anatomy of violence, or Armenia MP (president of Football Federation) Ruben Hayrapetyan slaughterhouse

Military doctor severely beaten by bodyguards of Armenia MP, president of Football Federation Ruben Hayrapetyan (aka 'Nemets Rubo') has died on 29 June. [For background to this story, read: Unbearable cruelty of being of Armenia tycoon - turned MP - turned Football Federation president & his entourage]

Video above details some of the 'heroic' pages from the history of violence of disgraced Armenia MP, president of Football Federation, oligarch Ruben Hayrapetyan, nicknamed 'Nemets Rubo'.

Posting this video, Hetq Online reminds how 'Nemets Rubo' threatened and/or enacted violence towards journalists, drug addicts, and (more recently) gays. The author righty points out that after all the violent rhetoric and actions, there should be no surprise that we witnessed yet another violence, this time with more tragic consequences. [Ռուբեն Հայրապետյանը միշտ զգուշացրել է (վիդեո)]

To remind, following recent firebombing of gay friendly bar DIY in Yerevan, ‘Nemets Rubo‘ said he “condemns terrorism” but “in favour of punishing gays and ready to do it myself”. “We should think of another way of punishing to eradicate them from our society.”

Other high profile MPs from ruling Republican party who supported firebombers and encouraged anti-gay violence include vice-speaker of the Armenian parliament, spokesman of the Republican party Eduard Sharmazanov, and MP, (now) secretary of Republican party parliamentary group Hovhannes Sahakyan. 
[I recommend reading Հոդված ատելության մասին by Sergey Danielyan too]

Last night, there was a candlelight vigil in Yerevan in memory of beating victim Vahe Avetyan. People gathered in front of the restaurant where the violence took place [Harsnaqar restaurant belongs to 'Nemets Rubo'] Many held 'I am Vahe Avetyan' posters condemning violence, calling for boycott of oligarch MP businesses and his resignation as MP and president of Football Federation.

Among protesters rightly condemning violence, I noticed two well known personalities who have their share of moral responsibility for this atmosphere of hatred and violence.

Armenian MP from the ARF Dashnaktsutyun party Armen Rostomyan said nothing when his colleagues from the ARF party, and in particular Artsvik Minasyan, Hrayr Karapetyan and Artur Aghabekyan supported firebombers and at least in case of Artsvik Minasyan (+ here) and Artur Aghabekyan openly encouraged anti-gay violence.

Larisa Alaverdyan, former MP and ex-Ombudsman, effectively sided with homophobes during TV programme discussing attacks towards gay friendly bar and Diversity march.

Below are two pictures from the candlelight vigil protest action via CivilNet and PanArmenian FB page.

*picture via CivilNet/Seda Grigoryan

*"Slaughterhouse" written on the wall of Harsnaqar restaurant, picture via PanArmenian/Hrant Khachatryan [Հանցաքար" և "Սպանդանոց" գրվեցին ռեստորանի պատերին]

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Armenia flag now up flying among other Olympic nations in London

In my previous post, I mentioned that contrary to British media headlines re: national flags of ALL Olympic nations are on a prominent display (Regent Street) as a welcoming gesture from London 2012, there was no sign of Armenia flag. Apparently, quite a few flags were missing back then.

Things have changed, and Armenia tricolour has now been put up on upper part of Regent street (picture above).

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Armenia: A Slow Slide Into Fascism? (Huffington Post)

Very powerful post by Christopher Atamian on Huffington Post. A must read that should act as an alarm bell.

"Now of course is not the time to abandon Armenia. Armenia continues to be a strong ally of the United States. Armenians around the world, in spite of the oligarchs' best efforts to destroy their people's reputation as an educated, hard-working minority, continue to be a symbol of survival and success. But LGBT organizations, the American government and the relatively powerful Armenian diaspora must unite in putting real pressure on the Armenian government to reverse the worrying anti-democratic and fascistic developments that threaten to completely engulf the country. The Armenian government must not only fight corruption, it must publicly oppose attacks on all minorities, particularly LGBT people, and promote an atmosphere of democracy and tolerance in the country. Not to do so is to shame Armenians around the world, not to mention the memory of 1.5 million people who lost their lives during the Armenian Genocide."
Read it following the link below; also re-posted on Unzipped: Gay Armenia.

Armenia: A Slow Slide Into Fascism?

Christopher Atamian 
Writer, director, producer and translator 

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Unbearable cruelty of being of Armenia tycoon - turned MP - turned Football Federation president & his entourage

News on cruel beating of military doctors by bodyguards or security personnel of the president of Armenia Football Federation, MP of ruling Republican party, tycoon homophobe Ruben Hayrapetyan, nicknamed ‘Nemets Rubo’, or as per this suggestion - 'Fascist Rubo', were shocking but unfortunately not unexpected.

Horrific details of the incident were provided by one of the victims in an interview with RFE/RL. Major Vahe Avetyan, another victim, is in critical condition.

The men, all of them military doctors, were hospitalized with serious injuries. One of them, Major Vahe Avetian, remained in critical condition on Tuesday. Avetian suffered life-threatening head injuries in a reported dispute with restaurant staff on Sunday.
Artak Bayadian, another doctor taken to a Yerevan hospital, told RFE/RL’s Armenian service ( that the violence was triggered by Avetian’s verbal argument with a waiter. Bayadian said he, Avetian and their three companions were told to leave the restaurant before being attacked by 10-15 other men. He said they were repeatedly punched and kicked.
Some Armenian media were quick to suggest that the attackers were security guards of the expensive restaurant belonging to Ruben Hayrapetian, a wealthy businessman affiliated with the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (HHK). He is also the chairman of the Armenian Football Federation.
Hayrapetian has faced opposition allegations of politically motivated violence in the past and is also notorious for insulting journalists. The tycoon has been accused in some media outlets and online social networks of possibly sanctioning or even ordering the beatings." [RFE/RL, picture - by Photolur] 
Although initial reports say that the beating was done by the direct order of ‘Nemets’, I have no doubts he will be spared of responsibility. Some may lose their job in a showcase of ‘punishment’. Like countless of times before, they will find a scapegoat among thugs who beat up doctors. He would claim ‘full responsibility’. Needless to say, there will be no mention of orders from the boss. Quite the contrary, they may even attempt at presenting the case as an “accident” and/or they will blame the victims. The main scapegoat will be arrested, tried. His family and himself will be supported financially and otherwise by the boss and perhaps some time soon, under whatever excuse, he will get out of the jail.

This is the scenario that will be put in place.

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that the incident is shocking but not unexpected. When you condone violence in one case, you do the same towards others too. This particular and similar incidents are reflection of "acceptable" and "justifiable" violent macho 'culture' still prevalent in the Armenian society and on a very high state level.

Reflecting recent firebombing of gay friendly bar DIY in Yerevan, ‘Nemets Rubo‘ said he “condemns terrorism” but “in favour of punishing gays and ready to do it myself”. “We should think of another way of punishing to eradicate them from our society.”

He said he does not support terrorism. Of course, he doesn’t. He never does. Why would he? He has entourage for such jobs: bodyguards, security personnel, you name it... See, if it comes to gays, he is ready to do it himself. For everyone else, there is his entourage. Perhaps, gays should feel lucky?!

But look who is voicing his support for ‘Nemets Rubo’. Yes, yes... Eduard Shamazanov, vice-speaker of the Armenian parliament, spokesman of the ruling Republican party. The very guy who supported terrorism in his own country. To remind, Sharmazanov dubbed terrorist act by firebombers against DIY bar a “rebellion”, “right and justified”.

What would you expect of him? Nothing less than unreserved support for his comrade. And he didn’t disappoint. He called him a “decent and moral person” at a time when at least three military medical officers/doctors (one in critical condition) are in hospital in a patient’s capacity, severely beaten up.

In the meantime, it’s been two days and there have been no statements from the MoD on beating of their officers/doctors.