Saturday, 15 September 2012

Trilogy (Avanesyan - Gatto - Ivanov) - Pulp Fiction Soundtrack

"Hrachya Avanesyan is considered as one of the most inspiring artists of his generation. Born in Armenia in 1986, Hrachya Avanesyan moved to Belgium with his family at the age of 16 and is now settled there." More bio details...

As per description, accompanying the video, "created in 2012 [on band's FB page - 11 September 2011 is indicated] by 3 international acclaimed violinists, Hrachya Avanesayan, Lorenzo Gatto & Yossif Ivanov, Trilogy's aim is to bring a new wave in to the often misinterpreted world of classical music, focussing on refreshing the great works of the classical repertoire."

They describe Trilogy project/band as "a nice blend of friendship, passion and some beers".
Youth, friendship and excitement is what 'Trilogy' stands for.
Pretty refreshing work, agree.

*Thanks to A.M. for the link