Sunday, 7 October 2012

To do: ‘Persona non grata’ on human rights grounds for certain Armenia officials, individuals and groups

Human rights abuses should never be considered an internal matter for any country.

I have already mentioned this in relation to recent events in Armenia when certain high level officials supported and encouraged anti-gay violence, and some of ultra-nationalist and neo-nazi groups and individuals attacked gay friendly venues and events.

Few of them are indicated in the Homophobia Hall of Shame. Examples: deputy speaker of parliament, spokesman of ruling Republican party Eduard Sharmazanov; now ex-MP, president of Armenia Football Federation Ruben Hayrapetyan (nicknamed ‘Nemets Rubo’); MP from ARF Dashnaktsutyun party Artsvik Minasyan; ultra-nationalist, neo-nazi groups Hayazn union, Armenian Aryan Union and so on.

There are more people, of course, re other human rights abuses too.

USA and European embassies should take this issue very seriously, and people who commit human rights abuses (whether alone or as members of groups or organisations) should be blacklisted and denied visa. [As far as I understood, the process is on]

At the very least this will create inconvenience and hurt their personal and business interests and reputation and send pretty strong message that anti-gay and other human rights abuses are certainly not OK.

Below is an example, as detailed by The Sunday Times, re some Russian officials:
[...] Details of the blacklist have been disclosed by the immigration minister, Damian Green, in a letter to a Tory MP. Green said a list of 60 officials, including prosecutors, judges, tax inspectors, police and prison chiefs, compiled by an American congressional committee, had been sent to the British embassy in Moscow. “[It] will be considered if an entry clearance application is received from any of the named individuals,”  
Green wrote. The minister said that the British government “was committed to applying the power contained in the immigration rules to refuse entry to those who have committed human rights abuses.” 
 */emphasis mine/ 

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