Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Zaruhi - An Gordonach! feat. Assadook - music video highlights problem of domestic violence in Armenia

Difficult to watch, but do watch it. Do not shy away from the problem of domestic violence in Armenia.

[On 25 November, to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, "Coalition to Stop Violence against Women" and activists will march in downtown Yerevan to raise awareness about domestic violence in Armenia.]


*source: An Gordonach Scottish-Armenian rock project

"Zaruhi" concentrates on the tragic story of Zaruhi Petrosyan, who was beaten to death by her husband and mother-in-law in Masis, Armenia, in 2010. The song was developed jointly with Iranian electronic artist Assadook and marks a departure from the An Gordonach!'s usual style. The video for the track was directed and edited by Vanadzori filmmaker Raffi Ghazaryan, and includes young Armenian acting talent, including Vahe Mkhitaryan and Ani Oganesyan, who share in the belief of raising awareness on violence against women.


 'Am I a piece of wool to him?' I wondered as the bruises blackened. The hand that once caressed ignored my pleas and struck again.


How did I provoke him to shatter my bones? My light was fading fast, I felt so alone.

He snatched the phone and broke my fingers one by one, his mother shrieked and whipped my back. Thrown down the stairs I could not cry for help, blood filled my nose and mouth, my skull cracked as it hit the floor.


Did I really slip and fall? Do you accept that as the truth? Did the raining blows make him more of a man as I whimpered through my broken teeth?

Don't forget my suffering, though I might be one of many souls. Don't turn your back to this abhorrence and pretend it disappears.

Don't let more girls share my fate though your ignorance and cowardice. Confront this evil in your midst I just won't fade away...