Monday, 13 January 2014

Yerevan Diaries: no phallic-shaped Christmas lights but plenty of festive decor and warmth amid freezing temperature

With the “Old New Year” of 13th Jan formally closing down the festive period in Armenia and ex-Soviet states, I will start posting some of my latest Yerevan observations under the Yerevan Diaries label.

This will mainly be a collation of my selected #YerevanDiaries daily tweets @unzippedblog directly from Yerevan, with few more observatory notes or pics.

It was (still is) unusually cold in Yerevan, with the freezing temperature ranging from minus 10 to minus 18 C, but the warmth of family, those precious offline moments with dearest craziest awesome friends in Yerevan made this cutting cold so much more bearable.

So here we are. The first post this year with some of festive pics and Christmas decorations from Yerevan.

There were no phallic-shaped Christmas lights on Abovyan st. in downtown Yerevan [picture circulated on FB was a joke and not taken in Yerevan] but there were plenty of tasteful and tasteless Christmas decorations.

*Candle... or not. All depends on your perception ;)) 

*My favourite Cascade

*Each time I enter Republic sq, the changing lights of the main Christmas tree there turned... blue. I am not kidding. It was pretty hilarious coincidence that became part of talks in the town and my daily routine. No comment, indeed ;))

Happy New Year from Yerevan !! May LOVE rule xxx