Sunday, 22 March 2015

“Partizan Ballade”, Russian WWII art in Saatchi gallery, London

The exhibition of the legacy of WWII in Russian art - in Saatchi gallery, London - was underwhelming, with very few works on display.

This painting caught my eye: “Partizan Ballade” by Mai Volfovich Dantsig, 1969 [Партизанская Баллада, Май Вольфович Данциг, 1969]

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Istanbul: music bemusement (Armenian? Turkish?)

With a group of Armenian friends (from Armenia and Diaspora), we were passing through this really cool square towards the end of Istiklal avenue in Istanbul, and there was very good vibe there, with mainly young crowd of people seating on the floor, drinking, chatting and singing. Funnily enough, when we reached them, for at least a minute or so, we could not understand if they were singing in Armenian or Turkish. Perhaps, it's a kind of Turkish dialect they were using which has Armenian influences, or music was similar to Armenian, but we were bemused at our confusion and similarities.

"Turkish viagra"

I spotted "Turkish viagra"at one of market stalls in Istanbul.  I was told it's herbal, although not entirely sure what it is made of.