Sunday, 29 April 2007


Time is up... Protect Darfur

Protests will take place on Sunday (29th April) in over 35 capitals around the world as part of the Global Day for Darfur which marks the fourth anniversary of the deadly conflict in Darfur.

Around the world 10,000 hourglasses filled with fake blood will be turned round by activists to mark the start of the conflict four years ago and highlight the continuing violence under the slogan: "Time is up... Protect Darfur". Events will be staged from Mongolia to Iceland, the U.S. to the Ukraine.

Thandie Newton and Matt Damon are among a group of artists who have posed for a series of pictures to draw attention to the crisis in Darfur.

Matt Damon:

Mat_Damon_1_small.jpg Mat_Damon_2_small.jpg

Thandie Newton:

Thandie_Newton_1_small.jpg Thandie_Newton_2_small.jpg

“Four years after the start of the conflict the blood of more than two hundred thousand murdered Darfuri’s stains the deserts of Darfur. The lives of the local population lie in tatters, as does the reputation of the international community,” said Ismail Jarbo, a survivor from Darfur who will be taking part in the events.

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