Friday, 27 April 2007

Online democracy

Armenian authorities took off the air A1+ but they was not able to silence A1+

(for years) They tried to ban A1+ TV, they sort of succeeded, but they was not able to ban A1+, for me - the symbol of free speech in Armenia. A1+ continued its live online. And today they announced the launch of A1+ blog - another step from A1+ journalists to promote free speech in Armenia.

If one day I switch on TV and see A1+ station live, I will understand that I probably live in different Armenia, in better Armenia, in Armenia which can be transformed to a country where I would prefer live in...


Observer said...

nice blog - how come I don't know about it? How long do you have it? Thanx for writing about the A1plus blog.

artmika said...

thanks, it's quite new really, around one month, I came across yours, keep up with good work, like it