Sunday, 6 May 2007

You may dance again, Levon!

"Yerevan shocker" - that's how one German chess web site reported Aronian's results.

Armenian Olympic chess champion Levon Aronian wins the rapid chess match in Yerevan against world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik with 'shocking' (for Kramnik) scores - winning three games in a row, something that Kramnik never experienced before!

Levon Aronian in 'action' during party time at the Turin 2006 Chess Olympiad, which bring Armenia a Gold Medal in chess.

I like the way they look at each other, at the dinner party in Yerevan, a day before the match.

At the dinner party in Yerevan, Kramnik is accompanied by his wife, French journalist Marie-Laure Germon; Aronian - by his girlfriend, Australian chess player Arianne Caoili, whom he met at a party in Turin.

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