Thursday, 20 September 2007

'Bin Laden' lighters in Yerevan

A1+ reports that "lighters allegedly made by "Samsung" company are sold in Yerevan stalls. The mysterious picture of Usama Bin Laden is hidden under the lighter. When you turn on the lighter you see Bin Laden’s picture."

*video via A1+

According to Abgar Eghoyan, Chairman of the Consumer Rights Protection Union (Armenia), these lighters might have been imported illegally. "It is very difficult to find it out in our country. Unfortunately, there are goods in the country that are not certified and the sellers will hardly have the invoice of the goods." Neither country of origin nor distributors are known. However, "the import of similar goods is not prohibited. The one who has imported it, has violated only moral norms but not legal", Eghoyan explained.

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