Thursday, 13 September 2007

Serj Tankian - Empty Walls

Director: Tony Petrossian

This is the 2nd single and music video from "Elect the Dead" solo album of Serj which will be released 23 October.

1st single and music video "The Unthinking Majority" - here


Anonymous said...

ha ha, i just saw that video on myspace and was just going to send you a comment asking if you had seen it - when i notice that you already have it on your blog!!! :D
it is great isn't it? :)
i've put it on my blog too!

Anonymous said...

Oh also wanted to add - have you seen this?
it's amusing anyway...:)
Rhiannon again

artmika said...

hahaha! :)

look forward to 10 more videos from his new album, should be an exciting collection. Love it. Btw, do you know that he will be touring UK including London (mainly with Foo Fighters) in November. I hope will manage to see him at some point.

Anonymous said...

Yes, i know about the tour, i'm hoping to see him too. Hopefully at the Astoria rather than the O2 which is too big and nasty.

artmika said...

But is he perfoming at the Astoria too? As far as I understand it's only O2 for London. Just checked Astoria website, and nothing about him. Do you know any details? Please let me know if you find out more.