Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Global Day of Action for Burma

Saturday 6th October

If you are in London:

London March and Rally
Assemble at Tate Britain at 11.00am, nearest tube Pimlico.
March to Trafalgar Square for a rally at 12.45pm.

For worldwide locations:

*via Rhiannon (tablaqueen)
also The Armenian Observer Blog


Anonymous said...

were you feeling well enough to go?
i was there, with the Hackney and Islington Amnesty group...:)

artmika said...

I wish! Was stuck with cold in my flat :(, but my friends went. My heart was there though, with all of you...

Lately it's like a 'tradition' for me to catch cold during important events. I missed also Dialogue through Film at ICA where Azeri and Karabakh Armenians presented their shorts, with Q&A. Booked tickets in advance, but... and many other things... Today feel fine :)