Monday, 15 October 2007

Hate for free ;)

Beware, all you Facebook fans! No, it’s not my new motto, it’s Hatebook.

“Hatebook is an anti-social utility that connects you with the people YOU HATE.”

Now you can “upload blackmail material or publish lies, get the latest gossip from your enemies and friends, post photos and videos on your hate profile, get hate points for disturbing people who live, study or work around you”. And all these – for free! As they say, “Everybody loves to HATE”. Do not say I did not warn you ;) x

*via TechCrunch: “A well-executed Facebook parody site called Hatebook has stepped in to provide (temporary) misanthropes with a place to air grievances about everything they hate. Hatebook looks and functions much like Facebook, except with an evil twist for everything. The color scheme is hellish red, profiles include a section called “Why I’m Better Than You!”, and members can create “Hate Albums” that consist of photos and descriptions of things they hate.”

“But don’t play around with Hatebook too much if you are concerned about privacy, because all messages (”junkmail”) are viewable by all other users, and there are no privacy controls.”

However, “With the development of the Facebook platform, we are even seeing these efforts made within Facebook itself , with the Enemybook app. Why hate outside of Facebook, when you can hate within it?” – asks Mark Hendrickson of TechCrunch.

*image via TechCrunch

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