Thursday, 18 October 2007

Telegraph: The Armenian Genocide (more than a book review)

Helen Brown of British Telegraph newspaper reviews A Shameful Act: the Armenian Genocide and the Question of Turkish Responsibility by Turkish-born sociologist and historian Taner Akçam. Here are two passages from her review The Armenian genocide:

"Akçam – who obtained political asylum in Germany in the 1970s after receiving a 10-year prison sentence for involvement in a student journal, and now teaches in America – has sought out documents from around the world. He has hunted down the memoirs of foreign missionaries and ambassadors and the telegrams sent by the perpetrators to make a solid case for the genocide having been planned and orchestrated by the Turkish Nationalist party."

"We in the West must face our own responsibility. We read how, after 1920, the British abandoned their demand for the war criminals to be punished, and many of those responsible found their way straight back into the "new" Turkish government."

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