Tuesday, 6 November 2007

GALA TV: reports on cameraman being beaten by Tax officials

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Three representatives of regional Tax Service were involved in scuffle with the GALA TV cameraman Grigor Shaghoyan this morning, reports In fact, as agency reports, they have beaten cameraman.

This is a continuation of recent attempts to ‘shut up’ the voice of tiny local TV station in Gyumri (second largest city in Armenia, after capital Yerevan) which dared airing reports on opposition rallies and former president Ter-Petrosyan’s comeback speech.

Apparently, Tax Service representatives came to the GALA TV to present the results of their audit, and cameraman Shaghoyan tried to capture it. This was objected by Tax officials and resulted in scuffle.

The incident was captured on video and shown to a group of reporters from Yerevan who were in Gyumri following Yerevan Press Club initiative. They will be back tonight. Details will be known later, follow the reports by Panorama, A1+ and other agencies.

Shaghoyan feels OK, and no serious injuries were reported.

Prosecutor office is investigating this case under the “Infringement to the professional work of journalists” article of Armenian Penal Code.

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