Monday, 26 November 2007

Levon Ter-Petrosyan: presidential campaign website launched

After several attempts of creating supporters' websites for presidential candidate Levon Ter-Petrosyan, it seems that this one will be an official campaign site (any of the following addresses work):

News on its launch came via Aramazd. All previous attempts failed to deliver proper content. This one seems like a decent website. It contains biography, current news and archive material, including photos and speeches by Ter-Petrosyan dating back to 1988-1990. Site is predominantly in Armenian. According to Aramazd, English version will be available soon. There is also interactive content there - blog, comments, but these are in their early stages. I assume site will develop further to become fully functional, with more contents added.

I managed to look at the site only at a glance. The only annoying part I found so far is that on-site music auto-plays any time when you go to the main page, and you have to find and manually stop it. I always find it annoying when website developers put the music on by default (however nice the music may be), instead of giving visitors an option to switch it on if they wish to do so.

Interesting to note, that Ter-Petrosyan programme section is still "under construction" and divided into 5 headings: Karabakh issue; combating corruption; economic reforms; foreign relations; and army reform. I assume these will be the main issues which Levon will address during his upcoming speeches.

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Aramazd said...

Thanks for the reference.

Just would like to comment about the Programme section of LTP's website: the thing is that we are going to post/publish the official pre-election programme, which currently is being developed.

The sections of the Programme might differ from what is now seen on the website.

Thanks again. :)