Tuesday, 20 November 2007

No Music Day

A road sign attached to the "Scotland welcomes you" sign (source). No Music Day will be observed by BBC Radio Scotland on 21 November.

The idea belongs to former KLF frontman Bill Drummond who is "challenging people to consider how people view and use music in their lives."

"I decided to have one day without listening to music to give myself some space," - says Bill Drummond.

Jeff Zycinski, head of BBC Radio Scotland: "Bill's idea was to show how important music was to people by taking it away. The day will also prompt the question - What kind of music do we want?"

BBC reports that Drummond is "no stranger to attention-grabbing stunts. In 1994, he burned £1m of his band's earnings on the island of Jura."

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artmika said...

I wish I could have "No Internet Day" and "No Chocolate Day" :)