Saturday, 8 December 2007

Armenia among top favourites to win Junior Eurovision 2007

UPDATE: Belarus won with 137 points, just one point ahead of Armenia! Armenia was in the lead most of the time. Well done, Arevik! It's 2nd place, but you were the favourite of internet forums and many Eurovision fans.

Below are live reactions from two popular Eurovision internet sites on Arevik performance:

Armenia: Arevik - Erazanq (Oikotimes):

The first favourite of the evening now on stage. The song receives great applause. The navy style works very good for Armenia. The cameras though move a bit slowly not helping the song performance. More than five seconds were spend to the Greek delegation in the green room. The performance is very good and well organized. The choreography can be simply described as amazing while the stadium is full of Armenian flags.

Armenia: Arevik - Erazanq (Esctoday):

Well, it's hard to understand why the girls of Arevik are wearing these military-like marine outfits. The vocals are very good and the performance is energetic. One of the favourites tonight according to the web polls.

Thriller for Armenia; Shock for Greece! (via Oikotimes):

Armenian entrants and national broadcaster must be in shock for loosing with 1 point from Belarus. But if you think that Armenia got twice 8th place in senior and a 2nd place in its debut to JESC then you can see that Armenia is working hard and in the right way. Armenia will soon host either of the two shows.

Greek viewers are still in shock. 12 points Greece got from the organizers like all other countries in the beginning of the voting. Greece got only 2 points later on. From where? From Cyprus. This will be a headline in the news as of tomorrow morning. Cyprus didn't give 12 points to Greece but just 2 points. How did this happened? One explanation might be the low viewing rates. Who cares in Cyprus about JESC? (The answer is no one). The second answer is that the immigrants in Cyprus are more dedicated to their homelands and they got the opportunity to get in touch with them through JESC. Third answer is the obvious: Made In Greece were really bad.[...]

Good luck, Arevik!!!

For the first time, Armenia will be represented at Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Arevik band performing "Erazanq" ("Dream").

In fact, Armenia's Arevik is among top favourites to win Junior Eurovision 2007. They will perform third after Georgia and Belgium.


Netherlands, Armenia and Serbia are the big favourites with Romania and Malta to be the outsiders. poll in collaboration with partners gathered more than 12.200 votes and predict Serbian victory for JESC tonight. If Serbia wins tonight it will be the first time a country wins both senior and junior edition within the same year. If Netherlands win it will be the first time JESC host country wins in homeland. Cyprus, Belarus and Ukraine are also possible to do extremely well according to the reports from Belgian and Dutch sites. The betting odds predict victory for Armenia or Russia tonight.

Here is the link where you can watch the show live:


artmika said...

Final scores:

1. 137 Belarus
2. 136 Armenia
3. 120 Serbia
4. 116 Georgia
5. 111 FYR Macedonia
6. 105 Russia
7. 86 Bulgaria
8. 83 Sweden
9. 56 Ukraine
10. 54 Romania
11. 39 Netherlands
12. 37 Malta
13. 33 Lithuania
14. 29 Cyprus
15. 19 Belgium
16. 15 Portugal
17. 14 Greece

Seven countries awarded their twelve points to Arevik. Belarus, the country that won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007, received twelve points from three countries only.

artmika said...

Here is the analysis of voting patterns by popular Eurovision related site Esctoday :


- For the first time, a country managed to win the contest twice
- For the first time, Greece finished last
- For the third year running, the winning song was performed last
- With the winner being only one point ahead of the runner-up, it was the closest voting ever

Voting statistics

Belarus has received points from all countries but Cyprus, all the other countries gave at least four points and four times the twelve points [Unzipped - this is incorrect - Belarus received three times the twelve points]. The runner-ups from Armenia were obviously polarizing: they received seven times the douze, twice the ten, once eight, seven and five - and four times not a single vote. Although with 17 countries competing it is very likely that a country receives points from all countries (since every country has to give points to ten out of 16 other countries), only Russia and Serbia managed to do so - they finished third and sixth respectively.


Belarus has scored an average of 8.56 points - the lowest average score of a winner ever. On the other hand, Armenia has scored the second highest average of points of a runner-up with 8.50. Apart from the first contest in 2003, Armenia is also the most succesful debuting country ever reaching second place. The other debutants Georgia and Bulgaria also did quite well finishing fourth and seventh respectively while Lithuania finished only 13th. Countries that have achieved their best results so far are Serbia and F.Y.R. Macedonia while Greece, Portugal and Belgium have reached their worst placings so far.

The runing order

For the third year in a row, the country that performed last finished first. Last year, the songs that reached the top 3 were all performed in the second half, this year it is less obvious that songs performed late do better: the Armenian entry was performed third and finished second, the Serbian entry that came third was number nine of the evening and the fourth placed song from Gerogia has even opened the show. On the other hand, the songs performed at number 14, 15 and 16 did not reach the top 10 with Greece coming last. Of course, the question comes up if the new voting system, which means that you can vote right after the show begins, does affect the results after all. But there is one thing that will probably never change: the song performed second did not do well at all: Belgium finished third from last.

Diaspora voting

That's a sensitive subject. First of all it has to be pointed out that giving points to a neighbouring country does not necessarily mean that there are "political" reasons - the televoters may have also just thought that the song they have voted for was the best one! Nevertheless, there were some friendly neighbours as always: Belgium has received its only points from the Netherlands, Greece has received its only points from Cyprus (even if only two this year). Georgia and Armenia have exchanged their twelve points while the Netherlands have recieved their highest mark from Belgium, Russia from Belarus, F.Y.R. Macedonia from Bulgaria and Serbia and Cyprus from Greece. Nevertheless, there are other examples that don't prove diaspora voting: Malta gave its 4 - 12 points to Eastern countries, Sweden its top 4 marks. Furthermore, Sweden managed to reach the first half of the scoreboard the second year in a row without any other Scandinavian country taking part.

Belarus has scored an average of 6.72 points per non-former USSR country. If the other five countries had given Belarus the same average amount of points, Belarus would have probably not won the competition (it has to be taken into consideration that the "missing" points would have been given to other countries!). Nevertheless, with six former USSR countries taking part, this statistic is rather inaccurate: mathematically, it is very unlikely to be able to expect these countries give to the same average amount of points than the others.