Saturday, 8 December 2007

No more ‘King’, please!

Ter-Petrosyan 3rd rally

Along with revisiting past and answering to allegations made by Robert Kocharyan & Serj Sargsyan & co against him, I think the main aim of Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s speech was to reach out to leaders of business world to drop their support of current regime and unite behind him. Likewise, his main intention during previous rally was to gain support of leaders of political parties.

I still look forward to reading his programme to understand clearly how he intend to solve main problems facing Armenia – lack of democracy, Karabakh and corruption.

And one more thing… I wish I would see less, or no… I wish I would not see at all posters of ‘Levon the King’ (like the one below) during his rallies. This is very reminiscent of the cult of personality we do not want to get close to. ‘King’ has no place in future democratic Armenia, as I would like to see my country. I hope people from Levon’s team will not encourage this sort of messages in future.

*photo by Onnik Krikorian / Oneworld Multimedia 2007


Aramazd said...

I agree with you re the "King" phenomenon, BUT... I am sure when people like those on the photo say "we need a King", in fact they express their need not for dictatorship of one person, but their need for the rule of law. Many ordinary citizens have expressed similar wishes in private conversations, but the underlying meaning of this desire for a "king" is in fact a desire for an equality of all before the law. IMHO.

artmika said...

Aramazd, I am 100% for the rule of law, but to be honest, “King” was never associated for me with the rule of law or equality, but rather with the rule of a person. And we know from our past and present where it could lead to… And it’s a big turn off for many progressively thinking people. And it is so archaic and backwards, while what we need now is forward moving slogans with apparent ‘freedom’, ‘equality’, ‘rule of law’, ‘human rights’ and ‘democracy’ associations.

I am sure people’s desire for the rule of law and equality could be expressed in more adequate and obvious terms.

nazarian said...

Yes, a king usually an absolute monarch - whatever happens is because of what he wishes. Pretty much like RObert Kocharian now...

If the king is not an absolute monarch then it's a useless relic of past.

In any case, we do not want nor do we need a 'king' in Armenia.

nazarian said...

Incidentally, looks like there were only a couple of people holding signs like that. It's surprising that there has been such a response to these two people's signs.

All I can do is admire at the creativity to get some publicity.