Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Armenia capital shaken by pro-democracy rally over fraudulent presidential elections and amid mass arrests

Never before (in a decade or so) Yerevan saw such a big rally and such a huge protest against falsified elections, in support of their right to vote and the chance for democracy in Armenia. Arminfo puts number at 70 000, many say about 100 000 or even more. Ongoing arrests and detentions of a number of opposition supporters did not manage to intimidate people. Quite the contrary. The fact that prime minister Serj Sargsyan & co tried to organise ‘alternative’ ‘victory’ rally in Republic sq by ordering and forcing people (local administration, civil servants, schools etc) from all over the regions to gather in Yerevan achieved quite the opposite result.

Many people from regions were at last had a chance to come to Yerevan, as main roads were blocked and checked for days to limit their numbers for opposition rallies led by former president and presidential hopeful Levon Ter-Petrosyan. Therefore, many came from regions as if for prime minister rally, but then switched to opposition rally which was closer to their hearts.

Whether current ruling regime will eventually manage to break down these protests, remains to be seen. They can only do it by imposing Stalinist methods (they already started - arrests, Bolshevik style propaganda…).

The fact that they lost already is out of question.

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