Saturday, 23 February 2008

Carte blanche to Armenian authorities?

I feel very weird today. I have this feeling that the authorities will violently break down people’s protests, very soon. They will ‘create’ provocations whether from inside or outside the opposition movement, and then will come to ‘restore order’ or something like that.

Now that the international community in face of EU and previously hesitated US “congratulated” Armenian people for ‘elections’, they (EU/US) effectively gave carte blanche to authorities to act, suggesting that they will put blind eye on their actions. It is obvious that EU/US have so many ‘more important’ issues and disagreements with Russia, that they won’t like to be involved in Armenian affairs too, thus upsetting Russia even more. International community proved once more that they too, if it is within their interests, can be happy with “virtual reality” (just like our Public TV). They do not give a s**t about democracy, human rights…

If we witness bloodshed or violence in Armenia, there will be blood on EU’s and US’s hands too.