Monday, 25 February 2008

People’s President, or dancing revolution in Armenia

I never thought I would see him like this again. He was people’s leader back in late 80s. We considered him one of us. Then things changed, and the most frequent image of him left in my memory was one of arrogance. And I criticised him for that. But looking at this unique video of Levon dancing in Yerevan’s Liberty sq (captured this night by A1+), whether you consider it PR (good one!) or not, it feels right again. It feels right to see him spending night in tents with other ordinary people, his supporters. It feels right to see him dancing. It feels right to see his human side again, which was so deeply hidden for years.

…and here is Lyudmila, his wife, dancing.

If this movement for democracy in Armenia succeeds, it won’t be remembered as coloured one (like in Ukraine - orange), it will be unique Armenian one – dancing revolution...

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Anonymous said...

wow,this is it.