Sunday, 3 February 2008

"Threats of assassination" amid almost imminent declaration of united opposition

"Threats of assassination"

Head of opposition party Orinats Erkir, presidential hopeful Arthur Baghdasaryan claimed during the rally of many thousands of his supporters in Yerevan that last night he received threats of assassination. No further details were provided. He said that if something happened to his life, the direct responsibility for that will lie on current authorities.

Declaration of united opposition seems imminent

Arthur Baghdasaryan confirmed news on intensive negotiations between him, Levon Ter-Petrosyan and Raffi Hovhannisyan on forming a united opposition bloc ahead of presidential elections and hinted that next rally will be a rally of united opposition. He did not specify details of that coalition, indicating that the negotiations are in process now. I wrote about this scenario few days ago and consider it the most likely and most desirable turn of events (see my post Window of opportunity: Will opposition unite ahead of presidential elections in Armenia?).


Anonymous said...

I was at the rally and there were shouts from Baghdasarian's entourage as well as the crowd, "Levon, join us."

Certainly, I didn't get the impression that Baghdasarian is ready to bow out. Indeed, his rally changed the whole dynamics of the pre-election campaign period.

Anyway, Ter-Petrossian's next central rally is planned for 9 February, coincidentally the date when candidates can withdraw from the race.

Of course, Ter-Petrossian's rally could be used by any candidate to announce their withdrawal, but let's see. Personally, I think that there are still many, many people who dislike him and who don't want to see him back.

That's at least the impression I get from the people I speak to although as with everything, that's not a total picture. Still, I think Armenia should look forwards and not backwards, but let's see.

If Ter-Petrossian is truthful about stepping down 3 years after coming to power then it's another matter. However, there are many people who believe he should be president after effectively being the architect of the system which has afflicted Armenia so much.

Anyway, not long to wait until we know. I do, however, think negotiations can go either way. It's not certain which candidate should lead, and a Ter-Petrossian united opposition nomination won't just irritate Vazgen Manukian and the Dashnaks.

Anonymous said...

Of course, I'm sure that at his young age, Baghdasarian's support could be bought with an offer of being made prime minister. Well, let's see.

Whoever it is, Raffi Hovannisian and Artur Baghdasarian together in any capacity would mean the support of a significant layer of society that the radical opposition do not have.

For whichever candidate does become the main one, both are necessary and Ter-Petrossian is largely appealing to the same support base that the radical opposition always do.

artmika said...

Sure, Rafii’s and Arthur’s support is essential for any opposition candidate to effectively challenge current administration. That’s the reason that I support this coalition because in this case we are having real alternative force and not just Serj vs Levon alternative. And I believe, united, Levon will be the most capable candidate to lead the bloc to the victory, which is in my opinion the most realistic and practical way for anyone who hopes for changes in Armenia. Unfortunately we do not have better alternatives at the moment. And if the coalition actually forms and wins, and if Levon follows his promise to resign in 3 years and offer truly democratic elections for Armenian citizens, that would be the best scenario for return to democracy in Armenia which I am very passionate about.

Anonymous said...

BTW: A1 Plus have uploaded a video from Baghdasarian's rally:

I have photos here.

artmika said...

History in making: Opposition unites behind Levon Ter-Petrosyan ahead of presidential elections in Armenia

artmika said...

Arthur the loser, or the best hope for prime minister Serj Sargsyan

artmika said...

Apparently, all these "threats of assassination" were nothing more than just theatrical performance by Arthur Baghdasaryan.

Disgrace of the Day - Arthur Baghdasaryan