Thursday, 15 May 2008

Journalist Arat Dink was awarded the prestigious Guardian Journalism Award

Bianet reports that "journalist Arat Dink and imprisoned Burmese monk U Gambira are among the winners of Index on Censorship's 2008 Freedom of Expression Awards, which pay tribute to people around the world who have made outstanding contributions to free expression."

Journalist Arat Dink was honoured by Index on Censorship at a ceremony in London last night:

Dink was awarded the prestigious Guardian Journalism Award, which recognises determined and brave journalism that often represents a different point of view in the media.

Index on Censorship Chief Executive Henderson Mullin commented: ‘The bravery of Arat Dink, and the rest of the staff of Agos, in the face of Draconian laws restricting their freedom of expression, provides inspiration for journalists throughout the world. In honouring Arat, we also commemorate the work of his late father, Hrant Dink.’

Bianet adds that "as the editor of the Armenian paper "Agos", Dink has suffered immensely for the "crime" of speaking out in Turkey about the Armenian genocide. His father Hrant, who was editor of the paper before him, was gunned down for giving an interview about the genocide. Arat himself was given a one-year suspended sentence for daring to reprint his late father's words."

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