Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Picture of the Day

I like this picture taken last night after the results of Eurovision first semi-final has been announced. Armenia is through to the final. For details - see Eurovision: In final, but...

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Onnik Krikorian said...

She is rather lovely it has to be said :-)

It's also somewhat encouraging to see the Armenian and Azerbaijani flags next to each other without anyone fighting.

I was also pleased to see the Azeri flag without any inappropriate comment on the segments I saw on H1. I hope the same was true with the Armenian flag in Azerbaijan.

If so, no matter our opinion on Eurovision, perhaps it does have a worthwhile underlying purpose and one that was actually intended.

artmika said...

That's exactly why I liked this picture very much: a) she looks lovely; b)Armenian and Azeri flags next to each other, celebrating success, no fighting, only smiling... After all, regardless of the quality of music, Eurovision is worthwhile to have, and it's fun, it's entertaining :)

proudly anonymous said...

Absolutely a great photo. It's encouraging to see that at least for a moment we can put our differences aside. She's a great talent, but she was quite nervous last night, and underperformed by a large margin. I hope she does better in the finals.