Monday, 9 June 2008

Armenian Children Victims of Genocide


Anonymous said...

We are such a masochistic people. We just have to relive the horror and feel like victims over and over and over again. What is the point of this book? Who is this book for? If it is for Armenians, I think we are all aware of the horrors of the genocide and looking at horrific pictures of Armenian babies and children being mutilated and flayed alive isn't going to teach us anything new. If it is directed toward the Turks, is anyone that naive to believe they give a s**t? I am simply sick and tired of us feeling sorry for ourselves.

R said...


This is not a book but an online exposition by the Armenian Genocide Museum. Presumably it is part of the mandate of the museum to collect and expose these kinds of pictures. If Armenians dont do these things who will?

Can you imagine anyone in the Jewish community saying no more movies, books, articles, museums, memorials, etc. about the Holocaust?

Remembering does not have to mean self-pity.