Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Important days for Armenia's political calendar in June

5 June - session of Armenian parliament where pro-Kocharyan (former Armenian president) circles plan to grill Armenian Human Rights Ombudsman over his highly critical to government report on 1 March violent crackdown on opposition movement following disputed presidential election in Armenia. Few days ago, Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General blast Ombudsman's report.

20 June - Armenian opposition movement led by former president Levon Ter-Petrosyan plans holding a rally in central Yerevan, Liberty sq. Opposition warns the authorities that regardless their approval rally will go ahead. It is aimed to coincide with the deadline set by Council of Europe for meeting PACE demands. I hope the authorities will be wise enough not to interfere and formally allow the rally. Special representatives of the Council of Europe will be in Yerevan in mid-June to monitor the progress (if any) in meeting Armenia's European obligations.


mayranoush said...

20 of June will be a decisive day for Armenia. The authorities are in a bind - damned if they ban it and damned if they don't. Of course, they may simply allow it to look good for the EU, but then go ahead and disrupt it through tried and tested methods of deploying agent provocateurs or the 'sapra glux' bodyguards of the oligarchs to create disruptions and thereby excuses for the police to move in to restore order.

reflective said...

Honestly, I think most Armenians just don't care. If anything most are curiously interested to see what the next round of reformist actions will be. Most people you talk to on the street are glad that neither LTP or Kocharian are actively in the mix.