Saturday, 7 June 2008

KHOSQ.COM - user-generated Armenian news aggregator (and more)

I have not properly tested yet, but looks promising.

Khosq’s creator says that he started the site’s build-up in the immediate aftermath of the post-presidential election stand-off in Armenia and 1 March events which were followed by the ‘state of emergency’ and media blackout. I remember, back then, in its early testing stages, it was called He put together concepts of Citizen Journalism (like Indymedia) and Social Bookmarking (like

“The idea is that anybody can post their articles or blog entries and also links to other articles. And then readers can vote the articles up or down. And based on those votes the system automatically generates the front pages. There is no Chief Editor – the people collectively are the editors of the front page news.” is available in three language formats - Armenian, Russian, and English.


Anonymous said...

that link in your body text is pointing to

artmika said...

It was blogger platform's 'bug', from time to time it happens. Thanks for pointing out, just fixed it.